Tim always had a smile and something nice to say about everyone. He loved fishing and he was always generous about sharing his catch. He will be missed. 

Sheila Rosa

While shopping at Winco in Indian Wells last year during the National Pickleball Tournament, Tim introduced us to one of his favorite snacks, Loucks Sesame Snaps.  Now each time I shop at Winco, I remember Tim.He was generous with sharing his fresh caught fish as well as his prepared strawberry jam and apple butter. Since I also made fruit jams, he encouraged me to try different combinations , like adding ginger to my apricot and guava.  His kind and giving heart is missed.

Barbara Tong

We are always saddened by the death of a good person. Tim was the perfect nice guy.  We are all honored to have known and played with him. He will be missed. 

Bruce Oja

Tim with a feather in his wide brimmed hat…..no doubt plumage found on one of his many hikes near their mountain cabin where he loved to spend time along with fishing both in the blue Pacific as well as mountain streams/lakes. 

Terry Parsons

Tim was the most polite player and had such a gentle spirit.  He loved a good game of and never was negative about play or players. When the girls wanted a game he readily stepped off. He enjoyed it enough that I remember him bringing his grandson to play.  He will be missed and am glad we will have Paula continuing to play with us.  

Mary Nienhuis

LuLu and I have always been happy to see Tim & Paula show up for pickleball. Such kind, soft spoken and friendly people. We will miss seeing Tim’s smiling face. 

The McDowells

An absolute gentleman an absolute pleasure to play with. He will be missed terribly.

 Eddie Gillette

He was a warm, friendly polite man who loved pickleball and fishing. He helped with the maintenance of the courts and no job was too much for him.

Monica Stampbach