June chickleball round robin was held last week for a sold out group.” Never having to say I’m sorry” was our theme. Instead of the usual “I’m sorry” many of us say to our partners when shots don’t land as planned , we said  “I rock” although I heard there were a few variations on the translation!  Evie?? Pictured below without medals are the shunned players, Melinda, Lydia, Joanne and Diahann who said way too many sorry’s.

Sporting medals are the winners for each group.   Kaye, Sheila, Jan.

Lori, Geanie, Irene.

Joanne, Nancy, Marjon.

Linley, Claire, Jenae.

Thanks to Jenae and her sorry team Lydia, Claire, Zell, Jamie and Diahann for coordinating another great event. Next round robin is July 9.