Chickleball Tuesday Gals

OCEANSIDE, CA: “Chickleball Tuesdays” at Melba Bishop Pickleball Courts in Oceanside name was proposed by the Board of Directors of Melba Bishop Pickleball to describe the weekday of play. Tuesdays have become a very popular day with the ladies many traveling from 3 counties to drill then play.

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The day begins with a random draw from numbered wine corksto determine what court you start on, then they move and split after every game. It’s more of a community of women supporting each other to get better together. It’s not uncommon to hear intermediate players encouraging the newbies during each match. All levels are welcome and drills are practiced before games, often led by guest instructors. Of course, we also swap out pickleball clothes and celebrate good news in each others lives. Weekly emails are sent out the day before to announce any special happenings. There are monthly round robins played at skill level. In December, we combined the RR with a holiday gift drive to serve the needs of Brother Benos Charity.

January is the One Word New Years Resolution Round Robin.

Players will write a one word resolution on a sticker to wear this day.

Many ladies have stated that “Tuesday is their favorite day to play”. It’s a simple formula…Make someone feel welcome and important and the rest falls into place.