To alleviate any misinformation regarding courts opening at Melba Bishop, we are sending out this email to our members:

As of May 9, 2020, this is the most updated information we have regarding courts at Melba Bishop Rec Center:

The City of Oceanside has chosen to unlock courts 1-4 at Melba Bishop from 8:30am until 4:30pm Monday through Friday; 8:30-1 on Saturdays.

OPEN PLAY HAS NOT BEEN APPROVED! Social distancing and proper safeguards must be in place. A few notes:

  • ACTIVE doubles is allowed- but there can be no standing (“inactive”), paddles-up waiting to join in, play. This means you must bring your own group of four. No drop-in games or challenging in; no rotating people on courts.
  • Each court should use their own ball, and if a ball from another court comes into your area, do not pick it up, simply kick it back with your foot or your paddle.
  • Practice being six feet apart from those on your court. During breaks, keep a safe distance from each other. Mask are recommended, as are gloves and hand sanitizer/alcohol spray.
  • When you are finished leave the courts quickly.
  • No bathrooms, balls or water are available at this time.

If people are waiting to play, limit your time to an hour and a half for doubles, one hour for singles.

While you are waiting for a court to become available, they suggest you inform those playing and then stay in your car.

The MB Board does not have permission, nor have we been given guidelines on how to safely reopen for all play. Until that happens, we are working with the city to find ways to meet all CDC, state, and county requirements. Other areas, including Bobby Riggs, Castle Creek and some Riverside County facilities are opening with guidelines we hope will be successful. Until then, you can contact the City of Oceanside with any specific questions and we will keep you updated with any information we receive.

We miss seeing you!

Melba Bishop Pickleball Board