The Melba Bishop Board would like to update its members and friends on the status of the Melba Bishop Pickleball Club.  The courts are now open seven days a week.  One of the board members will open the gates by 8:00 am, and the City of Oceanside will close them at 4:00 pm (M,T,W,TH,F,S) and at 12:00 pm on Sunday.  We still ask that you come to play with your own foursome and continue with social distancing, as the City has not yet approved open play.  We hope that each of you understands that since we are not renting the courts from the city and do not have a contract in place with the City of Oceanside, we are unable to overrule that decision.  We are aware that other locations are having open play, and some of you have expressed your displeasure at not being able to have open play at Melba.  We encourage you to contact the City of Oceanside and, politely ask when they might lift their restrictions on the Melba Bishop courts.  We appreciate your patience and understanding during this unusual time. 

The expansion for the three new courts was approved in July, but we have been told that since all Parks and Recreation employees have not returned to work, it is still uncertain when that work will begin. 

OPA is sponsoring a Professional Pickleball Registry (PPR) workshop as part of our outreach goal of supporting the sport we all love. This event will be held on Aug 19 from 2-7 pm. The COVID restrictions will be in place (only 6 participants will be learning how to coach new players). The goal is to learn this USA Pickleball supported method of teaching youth and new players basic skills (especially how to keep score!). We are hoping to host larger events once the City of Oceanside removes the current restrictions. 

Membership fees are still on hold.  If you have any questions or suggestions, please feel free to contact a board member.  We will continue to try and post any additional information on our website and at the courts. Enjoy your play and stay safe 

The Melba Bishop Pickleball Board