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Melba Bishop Pickleball Teaching Pros

Kim Schavel

Teaching Pro

I am a Pickleball teaching professional certified by the IPTPA , Director of the Oceanside Junior Pickleball Academy and Team Selkirk sponsored 5.0 rated player. Having played sports all my life, particularly softball, I was introduced to pickleball at Melba Bishop and was hooked. During that time, there weren’t many teaching professionals or clinics, so I had to learn the game by observing. It has taken hard work, perseverance, and dedication to earn my 5.0 skill level. I have competed in many tournaments in both singles and doubles, winning many medals. I love this sport and I’m very passionate about it, so my desire is to give back to the game that has given me so much. I believe I can achieve this by teaching the fundamentals, correct shot selections, and strategies of Pickleball so that others can have the opportunity to develop their skills. I’m thankful to be able to teach at my home courts, Melba Bishop. I can be contacted at (949) 212-1066 or Pklr47@gmail.com

David 'MAC' McDowell

Teaching Pro

Mac is a Pickleball teaching professional certified by the IPTPA. He is a student of the game and has an ability to see quickly those areas that will help move a player to the next level.  He is a National Champion in both singles and doubles. Mac is a former head tennis teaching professional, college coach and Junior Davis Cup coach. He has developed a number of division I college players, including a state HS singles champion. Several of his former students went on to become teaching professionals as well. The Quincy Tennis Association awards a junior player with the “Dave McDowell Sportsmanship Award” annually since 1990. Mac was ranked #1 in the district in singles in his age group. 760-815-7892 sbcoachmac@gmail.com

Pat Carroll

Teaching Pro

I discovered Pickleball in 2002, when I was competing in the National Senior Tennis Circuit. I was able to hit the ball well, and “thought” I knew how to play, since I had played 5.5 tennis and was certified by the USPTA as a teaching professional. I was WRONG thinking I knew how to play Pickleball; and it took me years of competing, using my tennis techniques and falling short of the winners’ podium, to realize I needed to find another way to play this game.

The changes were simple, but not easy; and took lots of intensive drilling, video taping, and sessions with my coach. My determination and commitment became my assets; and I learned to play “smart”, with patience and discipline.  As a result of my efforts and a great coach, I achieved my highest goals by winning Gold Medals in the 2012 USAPA National Championships in Singles, Doubles, and Mixed Doubles. Since then, I’ve won five more National Gold Medals, plus nine World Games Championships.

“Pat’s Picklosophy” is my way to guide players toward safer more efficient movement, and more fun and success on the pickleball court. I am available for private and semi-private lessons, plus custom groups by appointment. Contact me for details.  (760)310-6847 pickleballpat@yahoo.com