Update: We are not required to wear a mask while actively playing Pickleball. Please continue to wear one when you are waiting for a court, and keep social distancing guidelines.
The City is taking over “jurisdiction” of all courts. Starting May 23, both sides will be open for play, HOWEVER only every other court will be used. Nets on courts 2,4,5, and 7 will not be used at this time. There is a 2 hour court time limit when people are waiting to play. 

ATTENTION: We have been warned that ALL players must have a mask on while playing, and Must follow social distancing guidelines when not actively playing. 
The City had received complaints about Pickleball players not following the safety practices.  
Hopefully this will all be resolved soon and we can again enjoy the open format we appreciate about Pickleball.
Go to the City of Oceanside website for all updated COVID-19 guidelines

Thank you,
Melba Bishop Pickleball Board